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We, at Bladefence, strongly believe that automation and robots will play a significant role in the future of blade maintenance.
Bladefence achieve ISO4001 certification of our environmental management system in Europe and North America.
In the first part of a two-part series on Artificial Intelligence and wind turbine blades, Ville Karkkolainen is looking into how AI and automation are impacting wind turbine blade maintenance, and in particular, blade inspections and the asset management aspect of it.
Mobilizing people and equipment is a complex process and requires detailed planning to optimize safety precautions and quality service.
The blade repair season is in full swing, and Bladefence has grown substantially to meet the growing demand.
Fixing a wind turbine can be a tricky process. There are many choices regarding the access method used when working at heights on wind turbines. Each has pros and cons, plus established and unknown factors. However, we would like to discuss the many benefits of using a suspended work platform to repair and maintain wind turbine blades. They provide the means of ensuring the turbines remain at maximum efficiency, whether open or enclosed.
Being in service business means relentless work to ensure that a customer’s assets are looked after in the best possible way; it is innovations that happen every day in the field; it is being the knowledge leader in the field; and it is the pride that comes from a job well done.
At Bladefence, safety stems from our robust processes, and our collective commitment to them. With Bladefence as your partner, your blade maintenance operations are integrated into our stellar level of safety and trust.
The global business we are in is all about generating electricity as effectively and efficiently as possible.