Safety at Bladefence

Safety is paramount, for people, projects, and success. At Bladefence, safety stems from our robust processes, and our collective commitment to them. With Bladefence as your partner, your blade maintenance operations are integrated into our stellar level of safety and trust.

Safety first

In our industry, it is key that everything is structured –and led. This way, nobody is left hanging.

In our industry, it is key that everything is structured –and led. This way, nobody is left hanging. At Bladefence we have emphasized structure in all our operations, and invested heavily in process implementation and commitment. Our whole organization lives and breathes this structure and its processes, and we set one another up for success.

Safety carries over to everything we do, meaning you can rest assured that we truly are committed to your projects.

Supportive processes

Our working processes are built to be accessible, transparent, and clear. Logging work is integral, but not a burden. We use modern digital tools to streamline our work –in real-time. As a side-stream, this data is an integral part of final documentation and reports, making audit and due diligence processes transparent.

Team players

Our people can always count on support from each other. Our project managers are true experts, and our processes support transparency in the information flow within teams, enabling us to make correct decisions at the right time. We take pride in our change management ability, and we can efficiently move forward as a team in any unforeseen situation.

Training and development

We take care of our people. As our industry is rapidly evolving, we make sure to stay on top of the curve regarding training. The rapidly changing industry and its seasonal nature requires us to constantly refresh our knowledge, adapt to changes, and adjust our processes accordingly. In addition to our internal training, we use industry leading 3rd party training providers to meet the standard industry training requirements, such as GWO compliance.

Top-tier gear

Using the right equipment greatly increases safety. We provide our technicians with the latest technology, and we maintain and manage all our gear as well as we do customer assets. Our processes ensure that each individual receives proper training for any and all tools, machines and technologies they use.

Certified safe

Bladefence is ISO 9001 certified for quality management and ISO 45001 certified for occupational health and safety. As with safety aspects, these standards are deeply rooted, integrated and implemented in our processes and management systems. We are set to constantly improve, adapt, and change –and to succeed in this, we have mastered change management. We are constantly trying to outperform ourselves, and raise the bar.

Our technicians meet GWO training standards, and we always aim above minimum requirements. All our staff is trained according to the requirements of the access device used (GWO, IPAF, IRATA, supplier-provided training and internal training). Bladefence has been certified by DNV-GL for composite repairs to wind turbine blades since 2012. For us, excellence is pioneering not only in service quality and outcome, but also in safety.

All our operations are logged, documented, and reported, which results in unprecedented transparency, accountability, and trust through the whole project. Our processes also include regular safety checks and failsafes, bolstering our operational safety even more.