Aerial platform rental

Modern and efficient aerial platforms, with Bladefence’s expert operators. Enabling efficient high-altitude work in your projects.

Our aerial platforms

Bladefence owns, operates and maintains a modern fleet of aerial platforms. We offer our units for rent throughout North America. Owning and operating aerial platforms is rooted in our company’s DNA, and our operators know our units inside and out. We have in-house maintenance, and use third-party inspections to ensure that no compromises are made in safety.

Bladefence provides extensive training to operators and repair technicians, and we work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that our people know how to operate and maintain the units in the most safe and efficient way possible.

Increased efficiency and agility

Aerial platforms excel when you need rapid access –vertically or horizontally. Aerial platforms are a versatile alternative to static scaffolding, without compromising safety. Highly mobile working platforms reach any place where your team needs to operate. Our experienced operator supports you in any project.

Aerial platforms are the ideal choice for infrastructure, construction, industrial maintenance, telecom, oil and gas, just to name a few. Projects that require speed and mobility are a perfect match, as you can reach your work area in minutes. With aerial platforms you are also able to reach locations impossible to access with traditional scaffolding.

Our fleet

Bladefence’s fleet builds on two different units: the agile S70XR for smaller heights, and S90HLA for ultimate vertical reach. We’ll gladly help you in choosing the right unit for your project!


Vertical reach: 70 m (230’)
Horizontal reach: 38 m (125’)
Platform max load: 600 kg (1,300 lbs)
Vehicle height: 4.1 m (13’ 3”)
Vehicle length: 12.2 m (40’)
Vehicle weight: 35 t (77,200 lbs)


Vertical reach: 90 m (295’)
Horizontal reach: 32 m (105’)
Platform max load: 600 kg (1,300 lbs)
Vehicle height: 4.2 m (13’ 6”)
Vehicle length: 16.2 m (52’ 12”)
Vehicle weight: 50.5 t (111,500 lbs)