Blade inspection services

Knowledge is power, blade inspection and assessment provides you with critical data on your blades.

Blade inspection and assessment

We offer a full scope of blade inspection services. We use state of the art methods and tools for the inspection work. Blade inspections can be carried out fast and efficiently from the ground with a high-quality camera system. For more comprehensive data, particularly in case of end of warranty inspections, the blades are inspected up-tower, with our IRATA qualified and ActSafe equipped technicians. End of warranty inspection includes a full inspection of the blades, internally and externally, as well as the measurement of the lightning protection system.

Our inspection services give you a detailed current and continuous outlook of your blades, as well as concrete suggestions on future actions which maximize your turbines’ efficiency.

De-escalating problems

The key to good decision making is the underlying data. Our inspection services combined with our expertise provides you with exactly that. Our services include both routine inspections and checks, as well as inspections and assessments related to confirmed or assumed damage or problems. Our target is always to provide you with relevant and concrete information on the condition of your blades, as well as recommendations on what should, and can, be done.

Rapid fixes on-site

When performing inspections, we strive to have the readiness to quickly resolve any problems that might surface. This is strengthened by our vast database of information, which allows us to predict scenarios with high precision. These ad-hoc repairs and fixes are cost effective, as logistics in these cases is usually very light.

Safety first

Bladefence is built on safety. We have created robust processes for everything we do, ensuring that every step of the way is handled with our high standards. At Bladefence, safety is not something that is added on top of the services we provide. Our processes and management are transparent, communicable and supportive, which inherently leads to safety across the board.

Access methods tailored to your needs

We tailor our projects to your specific needs. We offer a variety of access methods, making sure that the right tools are chosen for the job. The key access method variations to consider is mobility, speed, and reach. We at Bladefence have decades of experience, and we understand our customers’ strict requirements, and this enables us to offer services and solutions that drive long-term cost effectiveness.

We also offer our highly mobile aerial platforms as a rental service to our customers!

About Bladefence

We are driven by a simple thought: by ensuring that wind farm owners and operators maximize their operational efficiency, we can push the industry, as well as the renewable energy sector as a whole, forward. This has been the driving force for over a decade, and it has shaped our identity, attitude, and culture.

Bladefence is a social bunch of doers, explorers, and experts, committed to our processes and goals.