Industry-leading blade maintenance and repairs

Bladefence maintenance is the way to maximum efficiency.

Maintain your efficiency

Bladefence’s blade maintenance services cover the full spectrum of tasks. Our technicians are experienced problem solvers, making sure the end result is always of the highest quality. We use modern equipment and materials, making sure that we fix any problem quickly, minimizing turbine downtime.

Systematic maintenance equals systematic stability

Blade maintenance should be carried out regularly, to ensure that wind turbine operations run as smoothly as possible, without sudden interruptions or problems. This is the default for any utility, and we strongly believe that wind energy should be treated similarly. When we perform our maintenance tasks regularly, you get an ever-growing database of information regarding your blades, as well as peak-level performance from your turbines.

Leading edge erosion is one of the most common problems on a utility scale wind turbine. It can significantly decrease turbine performance. Research has shown that severe leading edge erosion can reduce annual energy production by up to 5%.

Size matters in repairs

Our technicians carry out high-value tasks, minimizing the risk of escalation into huge problems. Performing routine maintenance rather than large-scale repairs also directly affects site safety, which is key in our operations. Our maintenance always produces extensive documentation and reports, which acts as an accurate log book for your wind turbine assets. This has a great impact on e.g. audit and due diligence processes.

Decades of experience in composite repairs

With regular maintenance we prevent any blade damage from growing into a larger and more expensive issue to repair. But even when faced with more extensive blade issues, such as damages caused by lightning strikes, our experienced team of engineers is there to determine whether the repair can be carried out up-tower. They assess the damage, prepare a repair plan and execute the works without compromising on safety and quality. We pride ourselves in having carried out complex structural repairs for our customers throughout the years.

Robust processes for delivering excellence

Our process infrastructure is the backbone of our services. Everything we do, follows our ISO 9001 and 45001 certified quality standards, and everything is transparently available for you in documentation and reports. We realize that blade maintenance is prone to sudden changes in scope, which is why we give additional attention to managing these changes. Our communication is always transparent, and you will know exactly what is happening, all the time. Our work instructions are robust and promote safe working practices, and these are naturally available to you before we start working.

Safety first

Bladefence is built on safety. We have created robust processes for everything we do, ensuring that every step of the way is handled with our high standards. At Bladefence, safety is not something that is added on top of the services we provide. Our processes and management are transparent, communicable and supportive, which inherently leads to safety across the board.

Access methods tailored to your needs

We tailor our projects to your specific needs. We offer a variety of access methods, making sure that the right tools are chosen for the job. The key access method variations to consider is mobility, speed, and reach. We at Bladefence have decades of experience, and we understand our customers’ strict requirements, and this enables us to offer services and solutions that drive long-term cost effectiveness.

We also offer our highly mobile aerial platforms as a rental service to our customers!

Maximizing efficiency

Our ethos is based on the belief that pre-emptive and predictive maintenance is the key to successful wind farm operations. Investments made into predictability and stability are the backbone of any utility, and we at Bladefence want to elevate wind energy to this status. We are constantly investing in research and development activities, to make sure that the services and expertise we offer are of the highest quality, properly validated, and state-of-the-art.