Bladefence Group welcomes new Managing Director

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Heikki Vesterinen as
Managing Director of Bladefence. With a background in private equity and
finance, Heikki brings new skills, expertise and strategic insight to our
organization. Bladefence’s current Managing Director Kimmo Kohtamäki
steps down to take a new position outside the Company.
Many of you may already recognize Heikki from his previous role as a Board
member within our company. During his tenure on the Board, Heikki
consistently demonstrated leadership, sound judgment, and commitment to
our mission. Now, as our Managing Director he will lead the company into an
exciting new era.

Bladefence’s Chairman of the Board Vilho Salovaara comments: “I would like
to thank Kimmo Kohtamäki for his great leadership in company’s growth
and his commitment in building a strong world class service organization
and efficient business processes.
We are delighted to have Heikki Vesterinen to take over the leadership. With
Heikki’s leadership we will continue strengthening our position as a leading
wind turbine blade maintenance and service company and profitable
We wish both Heikki and Kimmo all the success in their new challenges.”

Heikki Vesterinen comments:” I am thrilled to take on a more operative role
at Bladefence. My focus will be on unlocking value and nurturing
collaborative culture. Together, we’ll build upon our existing success and
momentum for the benefit for each client and every stakeholder.”
Looking ahead, dedication to innovation, operational excellence, and
sustainable growth will guide us as we continue to serve our clients and

For further information, please contact:
Vilho Salovaara, Chairman of the Board
+358 40 558 3010,

Heikki Vesterinen, Managing Director
+358 40 508 8558, heikki.vesterinen@bladefence .com

Marla Stolt, Office & HR Coordinator at Bladefence Europe

Marla Stolt

Office & HR Coordinator
February 9, 2024