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Comprehensive maintenance, repairs and condition analysis of wind turbine blades

Our services

Bladefence offers life cycle services for your wind turbine blades. We support you from the early steps of planning to analysis, execution and documentation. Our mission is to provide strategic preventive maintenance, rather than forced repairs. We are your key partner, reaching for the same goal: maximizing wind turbine efficiency and profitability. Our collective expertise, experience, and knowledge enables us to genuinely understand your needs and requirements.

Our processes are planned from the ground up, making sure that every step of the way is safe, efficient, and well documented. We pride ourselves on industry-leading project management, and rigorous change management, providing you with maximum long-term value in your blade maintenance projects.

About Bladefence

Trust the people, trust the process. At Bladefence we have put considerable effort into creating an environment for success. Our operations rely on paramount safety – for people, projects, and performance. We are ever-evolving, reflecting the rapidly changing industry we are passionate about. Your wind turbine blades are your assets, and with us you ensure that they are managed in the best way possible, throughout their entire life cycle.


Join us in shaping the future of our industry! Bladefence is growing rapidly, and is constantly looking for talented people to join our team.

Access methods

We tailor our projects to your specific needs. We offer a variety of access methods, making sure that the right tools are chosen for the job. The key access method variations to consider is mobility, speed, and reach. We at Bladefence have decades of experience, and we understand our customers’ strict requirements.

This enables us to offer services and solutions that drive safety and long-term cost effectiveness.

Latest news

The inauguration of the Pjelax Wind Farm was not just a celebration of a new addition to Finland’s renewable energy landscape, but also a testament to the community spirit and shared commitment to a sustainable future.
No, it’s not the job of a superhero, but it’s pretty close – Real life eco warriors working tirelessly to ensure the maximum production of clean energy.
If you’re new here then, ‘Welcome!’. Over the last decade we’ve built both an online and in-person community of renewable energy enthusiasts and industry professionals. Whether you’re a wind farm owner, operator, or simply curious about the world of wind energy and blades, Bladefence is your trusted partner.