Benefits of Suspended Work Platform

Fixing a wind turbine can be a tricky process. There are many choices regarding the access method used when working at heights on wind turbines. Each has pros and cons, plus established and unknown factors. However, we would like to discuss the many benefits of using a suspended work platform to repair and maintain wind turbine blades. They provide the means of ensuring the turbines remain at maximum efficiency, whether open or enclosed.

A suspended work platform brings forth the benefits of full blade access, without some height limitations from other fixed platforms. Despite the established working range of one meter from the root to roughly 18 meters from the tower, this access method can expedite all jobs in that area. From Category 1 to Category 5, the suspended platform is a good tool for a quality job. This stands in contrast to the rope method, which is ineffective that is beyond a Category 2 repair.  

This rings especially true for an enclosed work platform, which has the many benefits a controlled work environment can provide. While not strictly necessary for every project, it is a significant boon to have the repair technicians receive additional protection from the elements. This does not imply a lack of flexibility when it comes to conditions in the field. So long as the temperature remains above five degrees Celsius and the wind speed remains below 12,5 m/s, quality work can be done.  

Though the platform has a longer setup time, it also has a shorter mobilization speed. While circumstances may vary, this easily overcomes the longer setup time on site. Plus, with three technicians on the job (as opposed to a single operator and a single technician for other methods), more effort can be put in to make the blade repairs last longer.  

All of this explains why the suspended work platform is an excellent access method for repairing turbine repair blades. And Bladefence would be more than happy to ensure such work is done right.
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David Baker

Research and Sales Coordinator, North America
June 15, 2023