Safe and efficient access methods

Bladefence uses a variety of methods for blade access. The choice of method is always tailored to project requirements, and is done together with our customer.

Our access methods

Our recommended access method is always the safest, most cost effective one for the task at hand.

We understand our customers’ needs, and have extensive regional knowledge and historical data to support our recommendations.

The key differences between access methods is mobility, stability, and of course cost.

Suspended platforms

With our suspended platforms, we are able to reach the blades of even the highest turbines, and simultaneously provide a supportive working environment for complex structural repairs. Suspended platforms are feasible in moderate wind speeds, and are ideal for projects at extreme heights, where short-distance mobility is not the key factor.

Our platform fleet is modern and cutting-edge, and our in-house maintenance as well as third party inspections ensure that no compromises are made in safety.

Rope access

Rope access is a quick and convenient method for any kind of blade. We always use modern gear, ensuring safe and efficient ascent and descent for our technicians. Rope access is the ideal choice for LPS testing, visual inspections, and small repairs that require fast deployment.

MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)

MEWPs, also known as skylifts or cherry pickers, provide a stable working environment for our technicians, allowing for complex, heavy-duty tasks. MEWPs can safely be used in moderate winds. In addition, when using MEWPs, the turbine can resume operation after-hours, leading to less downtime. MEWPs are ideal in projects requiring high short-distance mobility, e.g. in routine inspections and maintenance of large wind farms.