Blade maintenance services

We add value to our customer’s asset management efforts and the goal of our maintenance operations is to help maximize blade output throughout the entire life cycle of a wind turbine. Our top-tier project management and technician teams ensure that your projects progress smoothly, all the way from planning and analysis to execution and documentation.

Our services

Bladefence offers safe, efficient and value-added services for your wind turbine blades. We provide inspection, maintenance and repair services, either as standalone projects or as long-term blade service agreements.

Our goal in everything we do is to provide you with not only high quality, safe and reliable maintenance services, but also to always give you the clearest possible picture of what should, could, and has to be done for long-term success.

Bladefence project management

We dedicate ourselves to your projects. Our committed project managers make sure that your project progresses smoothly, from planning to execution, and onwards to documentation and reporting. Our technician teams are doers and problem solvers, delivering the highest quality service to you and your blades. We are experts in change management, and we always ensure that everyone involved in the project is up to speed on status, information, and schedule.

Project management life cycle in brief

We gladly take full responsibility and ownership of any project, as any service we provide is managed with the same process framework, we are certain that we will deliver a successful project. Safely, efficiently, and with the highest quality.

All projects start with Initiation phase where the project expectations meet the business needs and Customer and Bladefence are aligned to ensure successful project completion. Contact our Sales team to hear more.
During the Planning phase, the scope of works, schedule and budget are determined as well as required technologies and access methods.

The Project plan defines the start and end date of the project, communication, resource planning, materials, equipment and HSE documentation.
The kick-off meeting signals the start of the Execution phase of the project. Bladefence project manager, the repair team and Customer verify that the Project plan is up-to-date and all project objectives are covered.

Work commences after Bladefence repair team on-site induction and HSE briefing.
Simultaneously with the Execution, the project team tracks the progress, identify risks and manages potential changes in scope of works, resources and weather.

Bladefence Project Manager reports progress and communicates any updates between the repair team and the Customer.
The last phase of the project is Closure where all activities are concluded, and project reporting is delivered to the Customer. During a wrap-up meeting, project results and recommended follow-up actions are discussed.

Customer feedback is collected.

Maximize operational efficiency with Spindurance

Bladefence’s Spindurance service is our long-term blade service agreement, designed to maximize turbine efficiency and minimize downtime. The service covers blade health monitoring, assessments, and pre-emptive maintenance, as well as rapid repair needs that might arise. With Spindurance, wind farm asset owners or operators can enjoy the upsides of a systematic, easily managed and budgeted blade maintenance protocol.

Blade inspection

Bladefence offers comprehensive inspection and assessment services for wind turbine blades. Our extensive methods include inspections from the ground and up-tower, and our cutting edge documentation is seamlessly integrated into the work processes. All reports are reviewed by experts, giving you tailored and actionable suggestions to support your decision making in the best possible way.

Blade maintenance and repair

Our maintenance services are designed to strategically ensure maximum performance of your wind turbines. With Bladefence maintenance, our goal is to minimize cost of ownership, and increase wind turbine lifespan. All maintenance and repair projects have their dedicated project managers, who support progress, manage any changes, and make sure that we always achieve our mutual goals. Our ISO 9001 and 45001 certified processes are designed with safety, reliability, and quality in mind, which transfers seamlessly all the way from planning to execution and documentation.

Complementary services

We want to be the key partner in your blade maintenance operations. At Bladefence, we are constantly evolving, as our industry is moving forward at record pace. This way, we can offer you always-relevant knowledge in anything and everything related to wind turbine blades. As we are an independent service provider with decade-long experience, we are familiar with all turbines and blades.

Get in touch with us if you need:

  • Repair of AIS elements
  • Tower painting
  • Installation of leading edge protection and other retrofits

Maximizing efficiency

Our ethos is based on the belief that pre-emptive and predictive maintenance is the key to successful wind farm operations. Investments made into predictability and stability are the backbone of any utility, and we at Bladefence want to elevate wind energy to this status. We are constantly investing in research and development activities, to make sure that the services and expertise we offer are of the highest quality, properly validated, and state-of-the-art.

Safety first

Bladefence is built on safety. We have created robust processes for everything we do, ensuring that every step of the way is handled with our high standards. At Bladefence, safety is not something that is added on top of the services we provide. Our processes and management are transparent, communicable and supportive, which inherently leads to safety across the board.

Access methods tailored to your needs

We tailor our projects to your specific needs. We offer a variety of access methods, making sure that the right tools are chosen for the job. The key access method variations to consider is mobility, speed, and reach. We at Bladefence have decades of experience, and we understand our customers’ strict requirements, and this enables us to offer services and solutions that drive long-term cost effectiveness.

About Bladefence

We are driven by a simple thought: by ensuring that wind farm owners and operators maximize their operational efficiency, we can push the industry, as well as the renewable energy sector as a whole, forward. This has been the driving force for over a decade, and it has shaped our identity, attitude, and culture.

Bladefence is a social bunch of doers, explorers, and experts, committed to our processes and goals.