Blade repair season is in full swing!

The blade repair season is in full swing, and Bladefence has grown substantially to meet the growing demand.

After a busy spring of meeting customers, project preparations, recruitment, trade shows and a million other things, the blade repair season is finally in full swing. A lot has happened with Bladefence during the spring months, and I am happy to report that this season will be the busiest season in our history. The company has grown substantially and our total head count at the height of the season will be close to 170 people with operations across Europe and North America.

During the spring we attended two of the industry’s main trade shows, the WindEurope in Copenhagen in April, and the Cleanpower in New Orleans in May. Both shows were the largest wind energy shows I have ever attended, and the message is clear – wind energy is here to stay and will take its place in the global energy mix. The buzz and customer demand for our services during this past spring makes me especially proud. And for that I would like to thank our customers for placing their trust in us. We will do our utmost to live up to the expectations.

In January I wrote about the future workforce requirements and this is the one area which will require a joint effort from the industry and the governments alike. The demand for qualified and experienced blade technicians is well above what the current global workforce pool can currently support. The lack of qualified workers is among the top risks for our industry and needs special focus and attention. With that said, I am excited about all the new recruits who joined Bladefence this spring – you are warmly welcomed, and I hope you find another family with us.

Bladefence order book for the season is stronger than ever, but should you have any blade repair needs, do not hesitate to contact our sales teams in Europe and North America.

I wish all a happy summer and be safe out there!

Ville Karkkolainen

Chief Business Development Officer
June 21, 2023