Spindurance – long-term wind turbine blade maintenance program

With Spindurance you will get systematic benefits and results, always tailored to your goals and expectations.

Spindurance features

Spindurance is a preventive approach to blade maintenance. In essence, Spindurance is a long-term agreement, within which Bladefence systematically performs inspection, assessment, maintenance and repairs of the blades. Spindurance focuses on pre-emptive actions in order to minimize downtime and to maximize operational efficiency of the wind turbine.

Small repairs, big impact

With Spindurance, you can reduce costly one-time repairs with regular maintenance. Our inspection and assessment efforts provide us with an ever-growing database of tangible information, enabling us to make better and better decisions over time. We get early warning signs, which we can rapidly act upon and fix pre-emptively, making sure that your operational efficiency stays as high as possible.

By centralizing work on a site-wide level, we are able to dramatically reduce logistics costs, as well as turbine downtime.

Concrete value for your operations

As Spindurance is a long-term program, you will get clarity in planning and budgeting. Spindurance is designed to make wind farm operations and ownership as seamless as possible for you. Our transparent documentation, reporting, and pricing provides you with key information, supporting your decision making process.

Life cycle services

Spindurance is always customized to your requirements. Spindurance can be specified to include the time before operations. In these cases, Bladefence handles the delivery and installation inspections of the blades, minimizing the risk of underlying issues causing problems further down the line. We always perform a thorough analysis of the site, and create a detailed maintenance program.

With Spindurance, you receive in-depth condition analyses, repairs, extensive documentation and reporting, resulting in detailed information on the conditions of your assets throughout the years.

Safety first

Bladefence is built on safety. We have created robust processes for everything we do, ensuring that every step of the way is handled with our high standards. At Bladefence, safety is not something that is added on top of the services we provide. Our processes and management are transparent, communicable and supportive, which inherently leads to safety across the board.

Access methods tailored to your needs

We tailor our projects to your specific needs. We offer a variety of access methods, making sure that the right tools are chosen for the job. The key access method variations to consider is mobility, speed, and reach. We at Bladefence have decades of experience, and we understand our customers’ strict requirements, and this enables us to offer services and solutions that drive long-term cost effectiveness.

Maximizing efficiency

Our ethos is based on the belief that pre-emptive and predictive maintenance is the key to successful wind farm operations. Investments made into predictability and stability are the backbone of any utility, and we at Bladefence want to elevate wind energy to this status. We are constantly investing in research and development activities, to make sure that the services and expertise we offer are of the highest quality, properly validated, and state-of-the-art.