Bladefence opens in Canada!

After five years of operating in Europe and becoming one of the leading independent blade service providers in Northern Europe, I'm happy to announce that Bladefence is expanding to Canadian market for the season 2016!

In 2010, when Bladefence was just an idea, the founders had an idea to bring something new to the market; technologically advanced working methods, fixed prices and long warranties. It has taken longer than we expected and much is still needed, but I feel great proudness over our team for the efforts they have put in trying and succeeding to change the markets for the better. Sometimes it has felt much like fighting the windmills, quite literally.

The core of Bladefence has always been creating exceptional customer experience and for our customers to really feel that they have a partner they rely on, rather than just a service provider. We are more committed than ever to continue on this path, learn from the past and to challenge ourselves even more.

With this first blog entry, I would like to thank our customers, employees, partners and suppliers for the journey so far. From now on, once a month, a member from our exceptional team, me included, will be writing about blades, wind energy and anything else we see touching our great industry.

I wish you all happy holidays and the very best for the 2016. See you on the road!

Sanna Heinonen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bladefence Europe

Sanna Heinonen

Sales & Marketing Manager, Europe
+358 50 449 7773
December 2, 2015