Blade maintenance all year round

We have now welcomed the year 2016 and even many of the Southern parts of Finland have finally received a white cover of snow.

The start of the winter was unusually mild, which allowed normal blade maintenance to be carried out until November / December even in the Nordic countries. Now the real winter has arrived, and the cold climate sets its own challenges on the blades and the blade maintenance work up north. We cannot emphasize enough the increased need of regular maintenance in order for the blades to remain intact in the icy weather conditions. Planned and preventive blade maintenance is the key.
At the same time, in many parts of Central and Southern Europe, the temperatures remain such that the inspection and repair work with the UV curing resin system is possible almost throughout the whole year. The UV curing resin system allows us to work in temperatures down to +5 degrees, and relative humidity of up to 90%, extending the weather window significantly compared to the traditional wet lamination repair techniques.

Our aim has always been to provide high quality solutions even in the most challenging conditions, and at the Winterwind event in Sweden in February, we will be sharing once again our experiences in working in cold climate, including special repairs in sub-zero temperatures. I hope you can come to meet us there!

With this first blog entry of the year, I would like to wish everyone a happy and productive New Year!

Sanna Heinonen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bladefence Europe

Sanna Heinonen

Sales & Marketing Manager, Europe
+358 50 449 7773
January 5, 2016