A New Wind Is Blowing

It gives me immense pleasure to write this first post in a series where you get to know the people working with Bladefence as well as upcoming developments with the company and our take on what is happening with our great industry.

Dear Bladefence customers, staff, suppliers, and partners.

It has been almost 12 years since the company was founded in Helsinki, Finland and a lot has happened since. From humble beginnings, with a big idea and one service van, the company has grown to operate on two continents and employing close to 150 exceptionally talented and committed individuals. I would like to thank all who have worked with us and especially the early customers who believed – and still believe – in us and enabled our success.

As the first employee of the company, I am deeply proud of what we have achieved. In every respect this journey has been the most difficult, but also the most rewarding in my career. As you might know, on May 1st, 2022, I passed the baton of North American CEO position to Joe Baker. Since then, I have been responsible for the overall business development in the group. In 2021, we also welcomed a new group CEO, Kimmo Kohtamäki. Both Joe and Kimmo are seasoned veterans with strong vision and leadership skills, and I am happy to be working with both on the next part of our story.

Since the spring of 2022 we have been working on a strategy update which we will start implementing soon. We will still be offering the world-class blade maintenance services we built our reputation on, but there will be an expansion in the services we offer. More on that later. We also expect to see significant growth with the volume of our operations, and we will be recruiting a record number of technicians and operators for the upcoming 2023 season, both in Europe and in North America. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for the upcoming recruitment campaigns!

Our sales teams are already in full swing preparing for the next season, and we are operating our fleet of Bronto skylifts throughout the winter. Should you have any blade maintenance or access needs, get in touch with our teams in North America or Europe!

Also, check out our new website at www.bladefence.com.

Hope to see you at the many industry events we will be participating in next year!


Ville Karkkolainen

Chief Business Development Officer
November 29, 2022