Ville Huhtaniemi appointed as Bladefence Oy’s Managing Director

Ville Huhtaniemi has been appointed Managing Director of Bladefence Oy as of January 2nd 2018. Pentti Iso-Markku will focus on sales and projects in Central Europe in the role of Sales Director.

“Over the last year we have invested strongly on internationalization. In addition to North America, growth is also strong in Central Europe and Pentti will fully focus on Central European market. 2018 will see the biggest expansion in the company history, both in Europe and in North America, and this change will allow everybody to focus on their core areas of expertise”, said Huhtaniemi.

Ville Huhtaniemi has served as the Managing Director of Janneniska Oy since October 2017 and previously as Vice Managing Director of Janneniska Oy since 2014. He will continue on his role as the Managing Director of Janneniska. Before joining the Janneniska group of companies, Ville worked for over fifteen years in logistics and management positions at DHL.

More info:

Ville Huhtaniemi, Managing Director, Bladefence Oy

+358 40 7601855

Sanna Heinonen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bladefence Europe

Sanna Heinonen

Sales & Marketing Manager, Europe
+358 50 449 7773
January 2, 2018