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Presenting Spindurance: the world’s first fixed price service for wind turbine blades with a lifetime warranty for repairs

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Spindurance service offers regular blade inspections followed by immediate and GL certified repairs. All this is offered with one, fixed price. And the price is not only fixed, but also very reasonable. This allows simple budgeting, simple billing and zero surprises.

Logistics couldn’t be any faster nor easier as the aerial platforms do not have to be driven anywhere between the inspection and repair work. Turbine will be quickly back to operation, with higher productivity. We can also release the turbine for operation between working days, which decrease productions losses even more.

By immediate and early repairs we can prevent small surface damages from escalating to major structural issues.

With Spindurance you’ll get optimally working blades that produce as much as possible for as long as possible.

There will be a time when people wonder how blade maintenance could have ever been offered without extensive warranties. You can ask for Spindurance this very day.

Come and meet us in HUSUM 2012 at booth 4F02 next week and we’ll tell you more about Spindurance or contact us for more info!

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Written by Bladefence