Efficiency through planning and preparation

Sat on the tarmac looking out the window at a snowy Helsinki airport, waiting for the early morning flight to London to take off. You are reminded of the Finnish spirit that keeps the airport open and the planes in the air. The well-practiced line of 10 snowploughs clearing the runway and the de-icing crew in the right place at the right time to clear the wings to ensure our safe flight. This is the spirit and drive at the heart of Bladefence.

The early months of the year are traditionally about planning and strategy for the coming season. As a European wide company based in Helsinki, we have to be organised to serve our customers efficiently throughout the year – whether it is planned maintenance or reactive repairs to keep the blades turning. Being in the right place at the right time, will help our customers reduce down-time and maximise production of their assets.

Our customers have lead us to all corners of Europe from the Northern most wind farm in Havøysund, Norway, to the sunny Southern Greek island of Crete and out West to Porto on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. Being flexible with the location of our resources means we can be competitive with our mobilisation costs. Having equipment within a day or two’s drive away can reduce the lost production time for a turbine.

Our investment in quality, reliable equipment means we can be very accurate with our schedules and reduce the down-time due to unforeseen breakdowns. Currently our fleet is being serviced and prepared for the coming season on the roads of Europe and Canada, oils checked, bulbs changed, fresh materials loaded. Everything we can do to deliver a high quality, reliable service is being carried out with the same professionalism as the snowploughs operating at the airport.

Coffee has just been served and you are reminded that to deliver a high quality professional service, preparation, planning and a shared goal is key to customer satisfaction and a little bit of Finnish spirit.

Cheers / kippis from 30,000 feet!

Sanna Heinonen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bladefence Europe

Sanna Heinonen

Sales & Marketing Manager, Europe
+358 50 449 7773
February 4, 2016