Operational Excellence

The global business we are in is all about generating electricity as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Hi, my name is Cody Smith, and I am the Director of Operations for Bladefence North America. Most of my professional career has been spent in the power generation sector. Prior to joining the team at Bladefence I spent over a decade in the power generation industry with the last several years as an Operations Manager in the Renewable industry for a respected utility company. 

Throughout my time there are a few key items that come to mind when I think about Operational effectiveness, efficiency and excellence: a strong safety culture, an engaged work force and a robust proactive maintenance program. For the purpose of this discussion let’s take a deeper look into how Bladefence can assist with your proactive maintenance program.

With wind turbine blades growing in length at about roughly 6.5 feet per year on average over the last 10 years, and tip speeds reaching more than 150+ mph, it is critical to keep your blade repair campaigns at the top of your list. There are 3800 blade failures reported annually worldwide, therefore it is important to establish a good inspection and maintenance program to ensure you don’t run into issues which can lead to additional unbudgeted cost related to identifying and carrying out repairs or even blade replacements.

With our wide range of services and expert staff, both in the office and in the field, we have the knowledge and ability to provide exceptional services and solutions.

Some key indicators for a robust proactive maintenance program may be: 1. Increased Equipment Availability through advanced access methods and materials. 2. Increased Asset Performance by ensuring that the condition of your blades is maintained to optimum conditions. 3. Decreasing your annual cost and spending to your budget by reducing reactive maintenance. We can help to make sure you’re meeting your operational goals while working together on your future proactive blade maintenance strategies. Our team of trained professionals can work with you to schedule the best time to perform your blade repairs as well as discuss what solutions the market has while looking for options to reduce downtime and increase your asset generation output.

This year we will continue to utilize our fleet of Bronto Mobile Elevated work platforms, but also bring the addition of our new WP Systems Suspended Platforms to the North American market as well to continue to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Whether you’ve enjoyed doing business with our dedicated teams or are looking to, we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in keeping your assets running at peak performance and helping to ensure you’re getting the most out of your wind fleet.  For those who have trusted us to be their partner we thank you, and for those that have not yet had the opportunity to work with our teams please reach out our teams in North America and Europe and we can gladly discuss options for your needs.


Cody Smith

Operations Director, North America
March 30, 2023