Bladefence Strengthens US Operations as Safety Role Model

At Bladefence, safety stems from our robust processes, and our collective commitment to them. With Bladefence as your partner, your blade maintenance operations are integrated into our stellar level of safety and trust.

As frigid temperatures begin to subside in North America, 2023 operations at Bladefence commence. Each year, spring months attract additional clients with blade repair and maintenance needs that are crucial to the efficient and productive power generation of their assets. As Bladefence experiences significant growth, the need for an added workforce is vital to the successful completion of these specialized projects and the future of our organization. The recruitment and training of new technicians focuses on the company’s guiding principles as the leading blade specialist in the industry: quality, knowledge, and safety.

Safety is a driving factor in the wind industry, as work at height is a hazardous activity. As an ISO 45001 certified organization, Bladefence is determined to improve employee safety, minimize risks, and effectively create a working environment that can be observed globally by implementing standardized practices for its employees and contractors alike. Bladefence’s ISO 45001 certification sets specific requirements that enable our organization to introduce management protocols to mitigate situations that may pose risks while reinforcing Bladefence’s safety reputation as a leader in the field.

In addition to operating by ISO 45001 standards, Bladefence has equipped its technicians with state-of-the-art safety knowledge, rescue equipment, and innovative hands-on training that is recognized across the continent of North America. As a quickly expanding company in North America and Europe, Bladefence’s determination to develop itself into a highly competitive and safety-oriented organization has never been so strong. When major structural repairs and preventative maintenance on wind rotors is necessary, Bladefence offers a competitive edge with a strong backbone of practices that have been strictly developed to exceed the occupational standards of leading organizations such as OSHA and ILO. These strict demands paired with our experienced class of technicians make Bladefence the top choice when selecting a business to correctly repair blades from any manufacturer. Contact our teams in North America and Europe to discuss your project in further detail.


Riley Davis

Project Manager, North America
May 5, 2023