Bladefence and Posion Energia Oy have signed a blade maintenance contract

Bladefence and Posion Energia Oy have signed a blade maintenance contract for the company’s wind farm in Posio during the Vaasa Wind Exchange event in Finland.

The wind farm will be commissioned in 2015, and the contract will cover the maintenance of the blades under Spindurance, which is the first service package in the world offering regular maintenance and repair with a fixed price and lifetime warranty for repairs.

“The climate conditions in Finland are challenging, and having a preventive blade maintenance programme in place is crucial. Having intact blades allows us to maximise the energy production.” says Kimmo Kaila, the CEO of Posion Energia Oy.

“We see preventive blade maintenance programmes as the way to go in the future. More and more wind farm owners want to be aware of the condition of their assets, and make sure that the production of the turbines is maximised. Repairing damages when they are small compared to reactive repairs when the issues have grown bigger is also much more cost effective,” says Ville Karkkolainen, the Managing Director of Bladefence.

Bladefence is a specialist for wind turbine blade condition analysis, repairs and maintenance. The company utilises advanced skylift equipment and UV-curing blade repair method in its operations. In combination, these enable operations in harsh weather conditions, cutting-edge efficiency and minimise turbine downtime. The company was certified by Germanischer Lloyd for blade repairs in 2012 as the first company in the Nordic countries. The company offers services throughout Europe.

Sanna Heinonen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bladefence Europe

Sanna Heinonen

Sales & Marketing Manager, Europe
+358 50 449 7773
March 18, 2014