Versatility of high-reach mobile elevated work platforms

Mobile elevated work platform units have been a big part of Bladefence since day one.

Mobile elevated work platform units have been a big part of Bladefence since day one. The founders of the company had already been in the access platform business since the mid-90’s. The goal was to offer first-class blade repair services with quick and safe access, minimizing the downtime of the turbines. When using mobile elevated work platforms, the turbine under maintenance will be in most cases back in production after we finish the day.

Before going any further, let me introduce myself, I am currently the Fleet Operations and Maintenance Manager for Bladefence North America. I have been part of Bladefence since 2011, since the beginning. Years with the company have taken me to several continents, and to numerous different countries. Both in the field and in the office. Being responsible for our fleet, I would like to share a few ideas, where these awesome machines can be utilized outside of wind energy.

Applications for our units outside of the wind industry are almost limitless. Oil and gas refineries, powerplants, telecommunication, powerlines, advertising signs and banners, amusement parks, high-rise buildings and general construction, bridge inspections and construction, harbor crane inspections and services and shipyards. Just a few industries, where we have gained some knowledge in the past. Any hard-to-reach high location that needs to be accessed quicky and safely.

On several occasions our units have saved a significant amount of valuable time, a perfect example would be building hundreds of feet of scaffolding just to access something in a smokestack or tower for a day. With our units, customer’s technicians have been at the work site in minutes. Yes, in minutes, not hours. And that includes all the setup and safety checks for the units. 

The unit itself carries all the equipment required for safe operations, even in softer ground conditions. There is no need for separate trucks transporting boom sections, counterweights, or outrigger mats, saving our customers extensive mobilization costs. It is possible to handle external loads of up to 400lbs with up to 1300lbs of total work cage load. Several backup systems will ensure the safety of the people in the working cage, and a secondary person on the ground is not necessarily needed, depending on site conditions.

Operating the unit itself requires just one of our qualified and trained operators. Getting your technicians and their gear to a worksite almost 300ft in height will not get any easier than this.

If you have any difficult to reach work sites anywhere in North America, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Bladefence Matias Takala

Matias Takala

Fleet Operations and Maintenance Manager
January 19, 2023